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DADA is an academy that teaches applied art using the latest technology and methodology relevant to the fast-changing digital age in which we live.
Our courses include graphic design & art direction, and aspects of web design, 3D design, photography, covering all media – traditional or new – and the full spectrum of skills required to begin a career in the digital commercial art world.
We exist to produce graduates of an exceptionally high standard, in creative, technical and scripting ability, giving them knowledge that includes the latest trends in technology – and meets the current and future needs of the industry. Our graduates are fully prepared to find a job, enter the industry and immediately make a meaningful contribution, with almost no on-the-job training being necessary.

Why we’re different:

We’re a 3-in-1 art academy

There are three different types of ‘art’ college: advertising (or brand communications), applied art, and software training (DTP). These are one-dimensional approaches, as most jobs in the industry are generalist, not specialist, entailing the overlap of a number of disciplines and abilities. We are a mixture of these, and so meet the industry requirements and maximise our students’ job placement potential. To achieve this, we cover all the media and skills required for a wide range of careers in the digital art world.

And we also do what we teach

Our staff are all experienced in teaching and in the industry, where they continue to actively operate – unlike the majority of teachers who lack recent and meaningful industry experience. This means better opportunities for real work experience with real clients and real jobs for our students.

Our lecturers: partners & shareholders

Our lecturers are partners and shareholders in our academy, thus, unlike a majority of colleges, our staff have a vested interest in the quality and performance of our academy and our students.